Steven Erikson – Subterranean Press Special Guest

Steven Erikson

Novelist Steven Erikson is back in Victoria, BC after a three year stint in Cornwall. Author of the ten volume Malazan Book of the Fallen, as well as numerous stand-alone novels, novellas, and short stories, his next Malazan project, Fall of Light (book two of the Kharkanas trilogy) comes out later in the year. Recently outed as a Trekker from back in the time of the original series, his most recent novel, Willful Child, reflects his years of dedication to fandom.

Fired up by a rebooted Star Trek sequel that was both a “jaw dropping disaster” and “mired in scientific ignorance and disrespect for the Star Trek legacy”, he thinks readers will find Willful Child universally offensive. “And, hopefully, you might all have fun with that.”