Aaron Thul – Fan Guest of Honor

ConFusion is proud to welcome Aaron Thul as our Fan Guest of Honor for 2015!


Aaron Thul’s passion for promoting open source and fandom led him in 2006 to become Con Chair of PenguiCon 4.0, which is the first convention ever to bring together two disparate communities that share a love of innovative thought: the open source community and science fiction fans. Thul has also been on the convention of committee of ConFusion for 8 years and the AASFA board for 3 years.

You should know that I am a high energy person. If you have ever seen the movie “Over the Hedge”, well I am that squirrel.

I love to read. Reading is an escape from my true love computers and IT. There is not a computer or gadget that I have not loved and hacked. Just about every device I own has been tweaked to improve its functionality.

Favorite Authors: Past ConFusion GoH Steven Brust & John Scalzi

Fan Guest of Honor Aaron Thul Fan Guest of Honor Aaron Thul